The new Horizon Forbidden West update corrects the annoying game function

A recent update of Horizonte forbidden west in PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 has corrected one of the most annoying features. From the sequel to horizonte zero dawn launched earlier this year, many fans have had few complaints about the delivery of follow-up. However, a persistent annoyance with forbidden, has come with respect to the elaboration of materials, more specifically, with the way they should be obtained. Fortunately, the Games Guerrilla developer now heard these complaints and solved the problem with a new patch.

Бедный-бедный игрожур. Их проблемы Horizon Forbidden West
In the latest update of forbidden west_, a new option was added that allows players to deactivate Aloy’s animation that is normally displayed when it collects several materials. Normally, this animation should be displayed every time Aloy collects an object in the game. And although the animation lasts only a second or less) in total, given the frequency with which the players collect elements in Horizonte forbidden west, several people were bothering to see this so often. Fortunately, this animation can now be deactivated completely, which allows Aloy to collect objects on the fly without having to stop dry as often as often.

You can see how this new function works in the game by looking at the courtesy video of @vanishinggrace below.

Once again, this upgrade of Horizonte forbidden west will not drastically change the core of the game in any way. However, it is another example in which Guerrilla has shown that he is looking to make the modifications that fans have been requesting since the game was launched in February. Whether we follow or not seeing adjustments like this advancing with ewest forbidden remains to be seen, but it is clear that Guerrilla has really tried to go further with its patches after the launch of the title.

Are you happy to see that Guerrilla Games continues to listen carefully at the things that fans want to see implemented in Horizonte forbidden west? Let me know in the comments or you can communicate with me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.