Red dead redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 noted in Australia, the PC version finally coming?

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been evaluated again at the Australian Classification Board, which seems to indicate a new version of the game.

Of course, when you talk about RDR 2 and especially about new versions under its umbrella, you think of a PC version, which has been rumored for so long now that we have almost lost its trace.

However, the Australian Council has published a new ranking, which usually means that we are very close to the news about the game that is classified or has been launched correctly.

Since the next generation consoles are still far, like the Xbox Scarlett and the PS5 will not be able to do before 2020, it could be a Goty reissue or PC edition that everyone expects.


It should be noted that Rockstar Games is in the list of developers that support Google Stadia, but none of its games have been confirmed for service so far. There is a chance that red dead redemption 2 could be put there, whether it’s an exclusivity or not.

The last time we spoke RDR 2 for PC, it was a pious wish because of the ads for the game that were always offered in GTA Online for this specific platform, what Rockstar has known for a while but that it never took the trouble to correct.