Sonic 2: In this grandiose Dr. Robot

With the theatrical release at 31. March Now makes Sonic a second time the lighting houses uncertain and flit like the blue flash over the cinema walls. Although the predecessor belongs to the most successful video game films of all time, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 hitherto rather used mixed reviews.

Not long after the release of the film also reported actor Jim Carrey to speak, the Sonics Erzfeind Robotnik embodies: as he revealed the Hollywood Magazine Access, he would probably be in pension soon. Should Carrey have his words follow his words, but we already have the perfect replacement for the next Sonic movie.

This Dr. Robotnik cosplay could play in Sonic 3

Because if Paramount Pictures is already hardworking on the plans for a third Sonic movie and Jim Carrey really ends his acting career, the film studio should simply contact the Reddit user Jokerofguham. He set with his youngest dr. Robotnik Cosplay Proof, how perfect he would fit into the role.

Not only that his costume velvet gloves and glasses exactly the equipment of Dr. med. Robotnik corresponds to the movie: His face also resembles the grimace of the villain almost to the (missing) hair: especially the curved eyebrows and the imposing mustache make Jim Carrey competition.

Jokerofguham also shows his view for the overall presentation: the background shines blue and red in the colors blue and red, which clearly on one side for the blue hedgehog Sonic and on the other side for his red opponent Dr. Robotnik and Knuckles stand. The perfect mood for an outstanding cosplay.

More interesting cosplays

The cosplay of Dr. med. Robotnik is of course not the only magnificent costuming we have for you. ELDEN RING -COSPLAY POWER In the double pack, for example, you get with these beautiful translations from the Witch Ranni and the Maiden Melina.

Also Sony’s blockbuster titles are also looking forward to active fans support and are therefore excellently represented in the cosplay scene. With Kratos and Freya you get the double charge God of was missed and who still travels through the widests of the West, is likely to be happy about this cosplay of Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West.

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