PS plus interview: Thats why there is no pure multiplayer

Within the Jim Ryan Community, the question and at the same time also the desire for a PlayStation subscription focused exclusively on the multiplayer. Say, the opportunity to play with a membership on PS4 and PS5 online. In an interview with Jim Ryan we were able to consult the PlayStation CEO now after such a PS plus variant.

Background: Sony has announced a restructuring of PS Plus and PS NOW this week, after which there will be three different subscription models at the end of June. All information about the topic can be found in our Announcement.

That says the PlayStation boss to a multiplayer subscription

Below is the passage from the interview with Jim Ryan, then his statements are still classified.

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Dennis Michel: There are now three ranks, but from our community, however, we have repeatedly heard the desire for a membership in which only the play in multiplayer is included, but not the remaining PS plus advantages. Is such a membership a topic, have you thought about it?

Jim Ryan: We did not seriously think about it, as we have employed many investigations regarding PS plus customer satisfaction. And these investigations have shown that much has changed at the point over the years.

“Free Games” The PS Plus Highlight

Jim Ryan Next: Our research show that the free games we offer via PS Plus and the Game Collection is the most valuable component of the service. Therefore, we do not want to attack this point, too, as research shows that people are satisfied with this offer.

Classification of the statement by Jim Ryan

Dennis: Jim Ryan is right when he says that the all-month “free games” are the highlight and the subscription magnet of PS Plus. We have also determined with our articles around the games for years, which generates enormous attention and the enormous interest of this component of the plus benefits.

Surely a pure multiplayer subscription, which is offered at a cheaper price, would find its customers’ inside, but most will also be willing to buy a surcharge for the “free” games. In the end, it is an economic decision that is comprehensible from the entrepreneurial view from Sony.

PS Plus and Xbox Live Should Be Free | Paying for Multiplayer is Anticonsumer

Do you want a pure multiplayer subscription?

But we would like to clarify the question of a pure multiplayer subscription here as well and therefore have two questions to you. On the one hand, whether you would really take such a subscription, on the other to the other, which price you would be ready for such a service.

We are very excited about how the result fails. Of course, as always we would be happy if your choice in the comments still justified. The safe exciting evaluation can you find as usual in the coming days on the page. There you will soon find other excerpts from the interview with Jim Ryan.