Biathlon returns to Schalke

Biathlon auf Schalke -
After the event has had to be canceled in recent years Corona-due, the Biathlon Corona-due 2022 returns to the Schalke Veltins-Arena. This confirmed the football second division on Wednesday.

Ten Mixed teams will participate in the biathlon race on Schalke on December 28, 2022, according to official press release.

Thorsten Kramer, Head of Sales Events, Ticketing and Services at FC Schalke 04, explained: “The atmosphere in the Veltins Arena is simply unique. Not for nothing, the biathlon counts on Schalke to one of the most popular winter Corona-dues events – both at the viewers and the Athletes. The proven competition concept is worried about exciting duels. “

Tickets purchased for the outline events of the last two years, keep their validity validity according to the press release, but can still be exchanged. The other tickets are already available in free sale.

“We were able to implement the Biathlon WTC as pure TV production without viewers in my homeland in Ruhpolding. But we all felt the great fans missing on Schalke,” said Herbert Fritzenwenger, Corona-duey head of the race, which pays with over 40,000 spectators on Schalke.

Fans on Schalke See Neuners farewell race

The biathlon race in the Gelsenkirchen Football Arena was held for the first time in 2002 and has since secured a permanent place in the winter Corona-dues calendar. Every year, the very prominent participant field caused every year. The biggest names of the World Cup circus also looked at Schalke and ran around the victory.

A very special moment, the event experienced in 2012, when Magdalena Neuner gave one of the most successful biathlaces of all time her official farewell race. Over 50,000 fans live on-site and more than five million TV viewers followed the race at that time.