Despite pandemic: salary costs of the Bundesliga

According to the figures from the report published on Friday, the 18 Bundesliga clubs in the past season paid a total of almost 1.57 billion euros to their players and coaches, so that more than 120 million more than 2019/20 and even 135 million more than in the season 2018/19, when Corona played no role for the clubs. In the 2nd Bundesliga, however, the absolute personnel expenses declined significantly – from almost 262 million euros to 219 million.

Billions In Pandemic Relief Funds Lost To Fraud
In the Bundesliga, above all, the quota rose strongly, which sets the expenditure on the Bundesliga teams in relation to the total revenue. Because the total turnover of clubs and corporations declined significantly in the same period. 2020/21 the 18 Bundesliga clubs redeemed 3.47 billion euros, 2019/20 were still 3.8 billion.

Ticket and transfer revenues go back significantly

Above all, the missing ticket revenues hit the contour: In the last pre-pandemic season 2018/19, clubs still took 520 million euros by ticket sales, 2020/21 just 22.4 million euros. The transfer revenues also went back for the second time in a row.

“We experience an unprecedented teur. The time of almost self-evident growth seems to be over,” DFL managing director is quoted Donata Hops in the League Announcement. “Without a doubt, our development will be massively influenced in the next few years.”