March export of $ 634.8 billion, Max … Trade balance

March exports increased by 18.2% from the same month last year and recorded the maximum of the past. Trade balance turned to a deficit in a month.

The Industrial Normal Resources Department announced that the export of March was proud to be $ 63.82 million to $ 63.8 billion, which has increased 18.2% over the same period last year. I increased for a year and five months. Since 1956, which began trade statistics, it is the best earnings in 66 years since 1956.

The average export of the day is 276 million dollars of the most recent records.

Exporter of 13 items minus cars and vessels among the 15 items increased. Exports of petroleum products was 90.1% over a year ago. Display (48.4%) and wireless communication (44.5%) exporters have grown for over 40%. Exports of the remaining focus items such as semiconductor (38%), computer (33%), household appliances (7.5%), petrochemical (14.8%). Exports, such as semiconductor (21 months), wireless communication (17 months), petrochemical, steel (15 months), general machine, petroleum products, computer (13 months), etc. The first-ranked semiconductor export was over $ 13 billion for the first time. Ship exports were 35.9%, and cars have been reduced by 9.7%.

Inflación, retirada de estímulos y tipos al alza, factores sobre los que ponen foco los mercados

Exports to seven regions have increased exports to seven regions. Southeast Asia exports surged 44.4% from a year ago. China (16.6%) and the US (19.9%), and the scale exported to Central and South America (25.6%). Independent national union (CIS), including Russia, Ukraine, reduced by 37.7%. Ukraine is due to Russia invaded. European Union (EU) exports decreased by 2%.

The imported import solution is between 27.9% and $ 63.62 million. There is a lot of contention imports. This is because energy prices rise. Crude oil prices have exceeded $ 110 per barrel in eight years. Energy imports such as crude oil, gas, coal increased by $ 16.19 billion to $ 8.77 billion to $ 8.7 billion. Compared to February, $ 3710 million increased.

March Trade balance is $ 130 million. I turned to a deficit in a month.

“The Minister of Industry, said,” Even though it was less than expected, the Minister of Industry, said, “I have been to exported to the trade finance and logistics gift certificate.” However, “energy prices have surged, and due to the Russian and Ukraine due to the Russian, Ukraine, the trade deficit occurred in March,” and “crude oil, gas, etc.” for stable supply for stable, I explained to try. “