Report: PlayStation cut 90 jobs

PlayStation has stayed busy during the last month. The purchase of studies and the revelation of a new PS plus has caught the attention of the public. Now, today it has been announced that the company has dismissed 90 employees from its public relations division in the United States.

Under the direction of Jim Ryan, CEO of Sie, PlayStation has focused on a global market. This has meant the change or closure of several divisions, being the most remarkable case the modifications that were carried out in Japan Studio. Now, according to Axios, this week the dismissal of 90 workers from the PlayStation offices in North America, are related to sales and marketing stalls .

PlayStation has eliminated its sales team in the United States. Roles in that group included representatives of PLAYSTATION, whose jobs often involved going to stores to prepare them to sell products from the company, and make sure the staff knew them. That’s not all, since they are cutting many marketing jobs.

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Although at the moment there is no official response from PlayStation about these layoffs, this should not be a big surprise. Previous Reports of the Company have indicated that Much of its sales are carried out by means of digital stores , so cutting your relationship with physical branches makes sense. Along with this, the marketing and sales direction will focus on direct communication with the consumer, thus eliminating stores by means.

On the other hand, there is also the perspective of the workers. A person told Axios that he feels “disappointed” with the form in which the company did not report about layoffs on time, and criticized the lack of initiative from Sony to find alternative work for these employees.

We only have to wait and see what will happen with this new approach in Marketing . On related topics, you can learn more about the new PlayStation Plus here. Similarly, the company will not abandon a single player games.

Editor’s note:

Although this decision was made with the aim of focusing more on digital sales, and thus creating a new relationship with the consumer by this means, the farewell of employees could be avoided by reassigning workers to new divisions, or at least reducing the Number of people in this area, not eliminating it.