LOL – Patch 12.7: The Arcana Skins return with the new cosmetics most desired by the community

We had almost a month without being able to talk about new skins of League of Legends , but Riot Games finally finished with the wait. The developers have carried out the announcement of the new aspects that will reach the game on the next 12.7 patch and there has been pleasant surprise for the community. Theories and filtrations have been confirmed and appearances arcana premiered last season will receive five new champions of the most expected: AHRI , Xayah , Rakan , Ryze * * and Hecarim ** have been the ones chosen to reinforce the Runanerra representation of the Tarot cards.

New Arcana Skins #shorts
Few cosmetic lines have been so fast to the community as Arcana. This family of aspects makes each champion introduced into it in one of the Tarot cards. However and beyond this intriguing symbology, it is its combination between living and dark tones which in love in the first place to the players, who are congratulations with the arrival of these expected cosmetic cosmetics.

This is the arcana skins of the next 12.7 patch

How usual, Riot Games has carried out the ad showing how the champions will be when they join the loyalty crack. A beta version of the skins that already looks phenomenal and that will still receive changes during the new DELPBE cycle . The intention is to be content to the public, and the next two weeks will be polished the details that from the developer to estimate appropriate. At the moment, the only hits that we can put to Riot is that has not been decided to delight ourselves with the publication of the Splash Arts of the champions introduced in the new Edition of Arcana.

In any case, we review which champions receive aspects and importance.

  • AHRI : She was for a long time the pampered girl of Riot Games and she returns to put between the champions with more aspects of the game with a total of 15. She wore waiting for something more than 229 days since she joined to aquelare.
  • Xayah and Rakan : Marriage joins 474 days later. Although Xayah received a solo cosmetic, Rakan had not been lucky from ancestral forest.
  • RYZE : Goodbye at a wait of almost 800 days. Ryze wore waiting since 2020 she stops receiving her aspect number 13 of her. Now you just need Riot Games give her a little love to her’s playability.
  • Hecarim : About 500 days were waiting for Hecarim fans since his cosmic steed cosmetic arrived. It is true that it was beautiful, but it is no longer more like a variety of the pony trawl.

The new Skins Arcana will arrive in League of Legends during the next 12.7 patch. As established by the Riot Games updates calendar, the version should arrive next Wednesday April 13.