Activision BLIZARD and US Government Agency Painting to Payment Approved by approximately 2.2 billion yen. However, the amount of compensation is reasonable or favored

One of the lawsuits related to the Activision Blizzard’s working environment seems to be officially settled. According to REuters and the Washington Post, the California court showed an intention to approve the California Court and the Association of US Government Organization EEOC. As a result, Activision Blizzard will pay $ 18 million (approximately 2.2 billion yen).

Activision Blizzard was in the vortex of a disturbance due to his-in-house sexual harassment and working environment since last July. The originated is a lawsuit by DFEH (fair employment residential office), which is a California administrative agency. Eventually, it is also developed by ACTIVISION BLIZZARD Original employee, and also developing large protests. In addition, Microsoft has attracted shocking development agreed to the acquisition of the company. In addition, not only DFEH, but also the shareholder and former employee relatives, etc., which are in a series of distilisms, and the Activision Blizzard has an opposite suit. This time, the complaint by EEOC (Employment Opportunity Committee) that the formal settlement agreement is as soon as possible is.

Activision Blizzard Piss Off Employees, Settle EEOC Lawsuit For Mere $18 Million

According to REuters, according to foreign media, Dale Fischer, a California-ground trial, indicating an intention to approve the settlement between Activision Blizzard and EEOC by the Local Time on March 29, online. Although the official decision is still, the policy is decided. Activision Blizzard is to pay $ 18 million as funds and will be charged to compensation for the staff who have paid damage.

In addition, this settlement proposal is expected to be officially announced at last September. According to it, the balance that was not paid to the victim is donated to non-profit organizations that are related to sexual harassment and gender equality. In addition to the diverse efforts to improve the ACTIVISION BLIZZARD environmental improvement, neutral external consultants introduce and audit are included.

Although the compensation payments on the Activision Blizzard side have become thick, DFEH, which caused the joined lawsuit, criticizes this settlement proposal. DFEH and EEOC are all confronting the compensation for ACTIVISION BLIZZARD. Also, DFEH is a California government agency, while EEOC is the USA Government Agency. If the settlement agreement between EEOC and Activision Blizzard is made, there is also a concern that DFEH will be interrupted for damages. In addition to the combination of Activision Blizzard employees, the Labor Union organization CWA (Communications Workers of America), also in October last year, the $ 18 million for compensation is insufficient for EEOC I’m telling you.

On the other hand, Elena Baca, who was an Activision Blizzard-side legal adviser to the EEOC, is a view of the Washington Post, “18 million compensation is sufficient.” She also emphasized that she was “Fair to Characterize”, “Fair to Characterize”, “Fair to Characterize”, “Fair to Characterize”, “Fair to Characterize”.

Activision Blizzard, which has entered the EEOC for approval. However, $ 18 million will be a further discussion whether the $ 18 million compensation is appropriate. It is also anxious to the movement of DFEH showing the unadecret. And the company has also had other disputes, and in March this year, he has been litigated by the former employee’s survivors who have lost their own life (related articles). Activision Blizzard The way of the retraction is still steep.