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“Zelda Legend Breath of the Wild” sequel, release postponement. Produces for the sale of the spring of 2023

Nintendo announced on March 29, “Zelda Legend Breath of the Wild” sequel. It was planned to release 2022, but it changes to spring 2023.

In the postponement, “Zelda’s Legend” series producer Aomuna Uchiho appeared. He wanted to develop a little more time for the “Zelda Legend Breath of the Wild Wild” sequel to the development. In the sequel, the stage of the adventure will be introduced again if it spreads on the sky but also on the sky. The expanded world is that new encounters and new plays are more versatile than previous works. It would be nice to have a fancy that I would be encouraging to make the experience in the sequel to special.

Launch Timing Update for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

It is an image that drifts with a sense of digital. For example, “Zelda Legend Breath of The Wild” was also a work released after postponement. Mr. Aomuma announced the release postponement as well in Youtube in March 2015. After that, the previous work came to be released in March 2017. As a result, “Zelda Legend Breath of the Wild” was finished in one of the best completion works, and gained a general game award around the world.

In terms of the previous example, the postponement announcement can be positive. For sequences, some pictures are published, but the title has been sloppy than the title. It is still wrapped in mystery. The expected value is very high and it will be a big mission to exceed it. In the year of the annual release, the background of the spring to this work can be seen. What can be finished in an integrated work?

“The Legend of Zelda’s Legend Breath of the Wild” is scheduled to be released in spring of 2023. In addition, a new scene is also seen with this postponement announcement video. Let’s check the fan of the fans.