Through the air: Glitch grants you flying horse in Elden Ring

The action roleplay Elden Ring is not only full of Easter Eggs and secrets, but is also a veritable glitch paradise. Although FROM Software developers always try to eliminate these unwanted effects as quickly as possible with the help of hotfixes and updates. But the community finds new glitches at least as fast. One of them makes it even possible to travel with a flying horse . We’ll tell you how it works.

A flying horse in Elden Ring

As already described above, this is not a feature planned by the developers, but a glitch . Youtuber Ezscape has released a video that explains exactly how it works. First, you have to ride Torrent in the mountains with your horse and reach a very specific position there. It is exactly this point that normally the death would be triggered by the fall into the depths .

At this point, it jumps from your horse to safety, which unfortunately crashes into the depth and the temporal blessed. Immediately afterwards, you use a bottle of “Crimson Tears” to make Torrent again spawn . Do not be confused that nothing will happen at the first attempt. Instead, you call the horse in this way again , it appears directly in your proximity. If you are now on the back of Torrent swinging and lined for an abyss, he can suddenly ride and as by magic hand through the air .

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Crazy stuff in elden ring

Flying Horse Glitch Quick Guide - Elden Ring
Im and around the action role-playing Elden Ring (Buy Now 53,98 € / 50,99 €), in the way, there are many more bizarre things to discover. For example, it is possible to use a trick to attract the underwear of a NPC. In addition, some particularly creative players have found a way to successfully camouflage against PVP counterparties. Furthermore, there are now mounted control alternatives such as boss fight using the ring-fit controller and the use of bananas.

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