Elden Ring Wondrous Physick Mixes – Best Combinations for Physick Mix

The vial of the miraculous physics is an interesting supplies for single use, which allows you to receive various combinations of buffs that last for a brief moment. You definitely have their use outside the Crimson and Cerulean vials that you can upgrade with Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears. You can each hold only one, but they can be replenished at death or a reprieve. Here we address the best combinations for the Wondrous Physick in Elden ring.

best combinations for the miraculous physicists in Elden ring

Depending on your playing style and physique we give some general mixtures that can fill the roles quite well.

For standard melee builds:

  • Windy crystal tear + Winged Crystal Tear
    • Good for boss fights, where blocking can break your attitude immediately. The use of this combination ensures that your roles continue to fly, allowing simpler back rod and damage negation.
  • Green Spill crystal tear + Green burst crystal teardrop

Elden Ring - The Best Crystal & Cracked Tears For Your Flask of Wondrous Physick
* This is an alternative if you are running frequent heavy movements. Heavy movements consume more stamina, so you should have a larger pool, so you still can block and dodge without exhausting him. Another good choice when it comes to Bossing.

For magic builds:

  • Cerulean Hidden Tear + everything
    • The Cerulean Hidden Tear lends itself well to magical abilities for this fast DPS outbreak spamming of a struggle at the beginning. This is extremely useful if you are using the Terra Magica- and Comet Azur setup that can destroy most bosses with ease.

General purposes:

  • Purple crystal tear x2
    • This is a complete cure. No real gimmicks here. This is another Crimson Flask basically.
  • Purple crystal tear + purple crystal teardrop
    • For every battle in which you may suffer DoT damage. If you are struggling for example in Caelid against Cleanrot Knights or are dealing with enemies with fire damage, this can help to negate the damage suffered.
  • Opaline Bubbletear + purple crystal teardrop
    • If you are in a fight in which you ask the battlefield not quite up to neutral, use this combination. The Opaline Bubbletear is basically a free shot you can remove a boss who can otherwise take a shot. The cure by the Crimson Crystal Tear allows you to recover any other damages suffered, that is, if you still have about 50% health.
  • Speckled hard tear + purple crystal teardrop
    • Well, if you’re dealing with status effects with DoT as rotting, poison or even blood flame. These status effects are the silent killers and defiled can easily bring to a quick death.
  • Purifying Crystal Tear + Crimson Burst Crystal Tear
    • This combination should be exclusively for the fight against Mohg, Lord of Blood used. The cleaning aspect of physics mix negated his blood sacrifice transition complete. At that moment he turns the whole screen red, while “nihil! Nihil! Nihil “If you have taken the Physick before this phase, you can get during this transition period, free hits on him.

Elden ring is now available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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