VSG TV, Shadow Bus Korea Open 2022 Season 1

Actos Soft’s E-Sports Subsidiary VS Games (VSGame, Representative Gao Haibin) said, “Shadow Bus Korea Opened 2022 Season 1,” which is conducting through VSG TV, said 22th.

Asian open championship 12 March 2022
Between the 19th, Games Korea (Representative Watanabe Koichi) sponsored by VSG TV, and the ‘SILVER’ player, and the finals of the ‘Shadow Bus Korea Opened 2022 Season 1’, It was the main character who won the invitations of the ‘Shadow Bus Korea Open 2022 Grand Final’, which is scheduled for the prizeship and end of the won.

The winning ‘Silver’ player won this day, at the end of the Full Set, and on the end of the full set of Full Set, and the final set of fully established in the fourth round, and the finals of the “Re-established Case” player, Although it was expected to open the door with a fiercely fierce deck selection psychological war, it was expected that engagement is to be made, but the first set succeeded in the first set, and it succeeded in scoring the preemption, after the next two, three sets of the opponent’s next turn Based on the dense to design their play and designed his play, it is a 3: 0 major, and successful, the second Shadow Bus Korea official competition, with the second winner, with the winning “Shadow Bus Korea Open” series, I was in coordinating.

Meanwhile, it is a ‘re-enriched’ player who has been in the right to stay in the Right, ‘SKO POINT’ for the decision is scheduled to be different from the final ranking.