Pokemon Go: How do you start Mega Charizard Y and can it be shiny?

The new Lush Jungle event is almost there in Pokemon Go and with him Mega Charizard Y. The Lush Jungle Event brings many debut Pokémon, for the first time shiny Pokémon, new spawns, new field research and new RAIDs. The Mega Raid Spot is filled by Mega Charizard Y. Here’s how to catch Mega Charizard Y and whether it can be shiny in Pokemon Go.

How to catch Mega Charizard Y in Pokemon Go

As already mentioned, Mega Charizard Y comes to Pokemon Go Mega Raid. Mega Charizard Y will take part directly at the Mega Raid Tuesday, March 22, at 10:00 o’clock local time and let it look Tuesday, 5th April, at 10:00 o’clock local time . This means that you have a week to put together your best Pokémon to consume your RAID passes and get a Mega Charizard y. The question is, can it be shiny?

Can Mega Charizard Y be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Mega Charizard Y can be shiny at Pokemongo. This is not the first time that Mega Charizard Y can shine while Lush Jungle like Cottonee, but it’s a good excuse to get one if you do not already do it. These are great news for shiny hunters and occasional lovers of Charizard. There are two versions of Mega Charizard: Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y. By far, Mega Charizard X looks much cooler because of its black-blue aesthetics. With the shiny Mega Charizard Y you can now reach a similar black-blue aesthetics like Mega Charizard X.

Mega Charizard y weaknesses and counterattacks

It will not be easy to grab a mega charizard y. Before joining the Mega Raid fight, you must know the weaknesses and counterattacks of Mega Charizard Y. Here is what Mega Charizard Y is weak:

  • Weaknesses of Mega Charizard y
      • Rocks – causes 256% more damage
    • Water – causes 160% more damage
    • Electric – causes 160% more damage

I caught Shiny Charizard in raid and evolve into Mega Charizard X or Y?

In view of the weaknesses of Mega Charizard Y, it is best to bring a pokémon of the type Rock with some mighty rock attacks. Here are some of the brands you should bring to fight Mega Charizard Y:

  • Mega Charizard Y Counter
      • Ramardos
    • Rhyperior
    • Terracion
    • Aerodactylus

And that’s all you need to know about catching Mega Charizard Y and whether it can be shiny in Pokemon Go. Remember to fully exploit all offers from Lush Jungle, and look for the Lush Jungle Weekend Park Spotlight with a shiny Cottone later this week. Further information can be found in our Pokemon GO instructions.

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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