Fortnite: So you collect a Drum Shotgun and get SMG in a single match

As the latest season of fourteen days starts to start, as well as the latest challenges. From the basic boot camp challenges to the envelope of a building after a short sprint you will find a wide selection of different things you can approach, so you can always look forward to something exciting.

Collect a Drum Shotgun and a Combat SMG in a single match - Fortnite

However, some challenges give some players a little headache, such as: B. Damage to the IO Armed Forces, and the topic of our latest guidelines, How to collect a Drum Shotgun and Combat SMG in a single game. Follow us if we immerse yourself in this topic and show you how to reach this goal best!

Fortnite – Get a Drum Shotgun and Combat SMG in a single match

When the game starts, you should leave the Battle Bus and directly at the Mighten monument location as shown on the map above. While you are at this place, you can also get a set of Omni chips in your hands so you can kill two flies or two enemies with a flap.

Once you are here, you should go towards Single boat dock which is located on this part of the map and find the hut located near your location. Once you have arrived, go inside and you will find that drum crotchflinte and a few extra shells that you expect inside. Grab these and let us go to the next place.

You want to set off The Jones place on the map, and as soon as you have arrived there, you will find A Watchtower or Eaglehorst that you have to break through the ceiling to some additional items To collect, including the TMG fight . Once you have picked up this, finish the challenge and are ready to continue with some new weapons in tow.

Since these two locations are quite close to each other, you can quickly and before reaching Storm will be right. If you make sure you master challenges, you will receive additional XP for the Battle Pass. So make sure that you can do this quickly and efficiently, the best procedure is! You can choose one of these places to start, but the faster you get into the middle, the better for you.

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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