Red dead redemption 2

Red Dead Online All naturalistic elements and upgrades

The new role of Red Online’s Dead Frontier Pursuits is the naturalist. After a much-anticipated accumulation and many rumors, including the role of photographer, the last role is a welcome addition to the sterile contents of the Wild West.

A new role was expected and hinted at the beginning of 2020. The first rumors began, suggesting that it would be a role photographer. Players have guessed that a role of photographer, as if that was what it was, would be an offshoot of the existing collector. Players were divided on the role of a photographer. Many thought it would be nice if there were more, others were angry that it would cost gold to walk around and take photos, others like the idea of relaxing gameplay that was associated with it.

After Newswire has introduced the new role, hinting at a future role as “naturalist”, players began to suspect it was a combination of photography and hunting.

It turns out they were partially correct. The naturalist has two branches: a conservative studious and a poacher. The poacher added many more clothing options. It may be possible to do both at once, but Harriet (the leader of the environmental side of the role), will know and can react accordingly.

Role of Rewards per row

As for other roles, The Naturalist unlocks different rewards as you progress. There are four levels of progression: novice promising, established and distinguished. Each level has five levels, giving the naturalistic 20 levels.

Unlike Pass Outlaw, where things can be bought with gold after being unlocked through the upper level, two systems are involved in the role of rewards. For the most part, once you go to the next level, you unlock a part of the kit. The kit will include all the purchasable items. And yes, you should buy them with gold or silver in. With the exception of 20 final ranking awards (the last Gypsy Cobs and Underhill Charms), all are unlocked once you reach level following.

Special tokens are awarded for each rank. Sometimes they are the only rewards for that rank. We tried to identify special tokens within the rank rewards, but it seemed repetitive and silly. If a row is not listed, the only reward is two chips.

Awards novices

Novice includes grades one to five. Notable rank of the awards include:

  • Rank 3: Improved kit bag
  • Rank 4: naturalists Events
  • Rank 5: Eye of legendary eagle

The rewards of the new kit are:

  • Saddle Foxmore
  • Gun belt Thorburn
  • Gypsy Cob (Blagdon coats and white Piebald)
  • Brochure cartridges sedative Varmint
  • Holding Tilliston
  • The headband Zapata

promising Awards

The Promising level is level six to ten. Notable rank of the awards include:

  • Row 6: Mercy: The ability to kill animals injured by pity.
  • Rank 7: naturalists Opportunities
  • Rank 10: Animal Focus

The rewards of promising kit are:

  • Brochure Animal Reviver
  • Holding Sagemoor
  • Gloves Minstead
  • Variant Varmint rifle
  • Tonic mixture Brochure
  • Wild Side
  • Black-tailed Buckle

Wilderness Camp Promising Kit allows players to place a temporary camp to rest and cook a long requested feature.

Awards established

The established level of level 11 to 15. Notable awards include:

  • Rank 15: Animal Attraction

The rewards of the established kit are:

  • Holding Kennewick
  • Brochure legendary animal pheromones
  • Case Thorburn
  • Gauntlets bindweed
  • Gypsy Cob (coats and Palomino Skewbald Blagdon)
  • Hairstyle Tangled Locks

This level unlocks the Gypsy Cob intermediate. Their statistics are starting to improve here and they are better frames the leading horses. Although their colors can be better.

distinguished Awards

The distinguished level is the last step and includes rows 16 to 20. The notable awards include:

  • Rank 16: Master Tracker
  • Rank 18: Improved satchel Tonics

Distinguished kit is different from others. Some objects will unlock immediately, others are unlocked at level 20. It is the only kit on many levels which is divided by level.

  • Rank 15: Holding Hemiston
  • Rank 15: emote Take Note
  • Rank 20: Gypsy Cob (coats Bay Splashed Splashed Piebald)
  • Rank 20: Charms Underhill

The Gypsy Cob the Distinguished Kit is the highest horse available for this role. A brief note on the Gypsy Cob is below.

The Gypsy Flics, the Naturalist Horse

Let’s be honest: the only thing that matters to this new role is the horse. And clothes. But especially the horse.

Red Dead Online Ultimate Naturalist Guide, How To Make Money With The Naturalist Role!

In terms of statistics, COB is the Kladruber, but faster and more trapu. The third COB that can be unlocked will have maximum health and stamina, the same as the Kladruber, the more eight speeds with the saddle. This is not the fastest, but speed does not matter much Red Dead online. Yet, he surpasses the Kladruber slower and bigger. In addition, COB has really cute and mellow clogs.

GUS Rewards

Gus rewards are different from the classic rewards of higher level. Gus acts like the trapper in solo mode, manufacturing sets and objects for the player. We do not have unlocked sets, these can become available when you face legendary animals.

Apparel available:

  • Cornhill hat
  • Marine hat
  • DOTSON hat
  • Flixton hat
  • Farnholme cartridge
  • Double cartridge Farnholme
  • Tanguma cartridge
  • Tanguma double cartridge
  • Maerbay coat
  • Glenwood coat
  • Maxwell Jacket
  • Mountfleet gloves
  • Lawncliff trousers


  • Castor’s tooth jewel
  • Jewel de Defense Javelina
  • Aries horn jewel
  • Snowy Egret Jewel


  • Corn variant
  • BigPaw saddle bag
  • Softcoat saddle bag


  • Five arrows
  • 60 Varmint rifle cartridges
  • Four Nitro Express Rifle Cartridges