“Egidius Braun was the grandeighteur of German football”

Bernd Neuendorf (DFB President): “Today is a sad day for all footballers in Germany and Europe. With Egidius Braun, we lose a special person who has worked with the possibilities of football just for those who need support and attention. In particular, the worry of children and adolescents driven in distress. Egidius Braun has firmly anchored the social commitment in the DNA and the statute of our association. It is and remains his earnings that the DFB has been for decades Diverse with social programs, especially with the Egidius Braun DFB Foundation, which has been promoting aid projects in Ukraine, among other things since 2001. I am proud to, with my mandate and my roots in the football association Mittelrhein today in his tradition to stand. “

Heike Ullrich (designated DFB Secretary-General): “We all wear in DFB eV, its affiliates and foundations mourning. As an expression of gratitude and respect, we will stimulate that the next weekend before all football matches in Germany a commemorative minute gives. Football Germany rises in this way in front of a great president in the history of our association, which we all are committed to a greatest thanks. “

Thomas Bach (IOC President): “Egidius Braun was the social conscience of German football. He has recognized and lived the social responsibility of sports. He was a broad designer who always in the eye of the future challenges and structures had. Personally, I always appreciated the encounters with him and his friendly, honest Council. “

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Hans-Joachim Watzke (Chairman of the BVB Management): “Egidius Braun was the grandeighteur of German football. A nationally and internationally respected, world-minded man who always used for the weaker and over many years the call has acquired that his word is always leaving. “

DR. Reinhard Rauball (President Borussia Dortmund): “With Egidius Braun, for many years a personal friendship has been involved. It was always very impressive to see, with which dedication he has been socially committed. I was once allowed to visit a project itself once, that he was once has launched with the Egidius Braun Foundation in Mexico and knows exactly that in Germany and abroad, it is still talking about something about what he has d1. “

Ralph-Uwe Scheufert (DFB vice president, designated chairman of the board of the DFB Foundation Egidius Braun): “Egidius Braun has acquired a greatest earnings for football sports in Germany and Europe. He was never a lifted official, but always turned to humans. We bow to deepest gratitude and with the greatest respect for Egidius Braun and his life’s work. It is our order and our commitment to continue his legacy in our foundation – football was and remains more than a 1-0 ! “

Stephan Grunwald (DFB treasurer) : “As DFB treasurer, Egidius Braun, a total of 15 years, was responsible for the finances of our association and has set standards for responsible businesses in this activity, but also responsible association trade, which are still the basis of our actions “