Open World MMO “Throne and Liberty” officially announced. NCSOFT gives a large new production for PC / console

NCSoft announced “Throne and Liberty” on March 17th. Supported platforms are PC and console. It is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2022. At the same time, the video of the game is released.

“Throne and Liberty” is a new work by NCSoft that has been engaged in the “Lineage” series. The stage is the Solisium continent of the Western Medieval Breeze. The curtain of magnificent adventure opens in this area. As a game, it seems to be a MMO action RPG fighting in a seamlessly connected world. This is the reality of the world. The world always changes dynamically, and noon and nights will change the weather. And such environmental changes affect gameplay.

The wind direction and the wind speed affect the range of the bows, and using the lightning-based magic in the rain, the single attack causes a chain effect and becomes scope skills. Fields and environments and users work closely. While being a fantasy work, reality is important. It is also suggested that many players are considered to participate at the same time, and it is also an MMO type work.

The map is three-dimensional and each area is seamlessly connected. And, the ability to transform into animals is also implemented, and it seems that it can be freely explored land, water and sky by becoming an animal. As long as you look at the trailer, the action is also intense. It may be designed to enjoy both search and battle. In addition, scenes like the “Lineage” series siege battle are also projected, and large-scale combat is also prepared.

Throne And Liberty Coming To PC/Console In 2022

“Throne and Liberty” was originally developed as “Lineage Eterna”. Although it was made by taking a considerable year, it is said that the title is changed to “THRONE and LIBERTY” as a next-generation game and developed as a new IP. Use Unreal Engine 4 as a game engine. Both the visual system will be a work with both NCSOFT know-how and technology.

NCSOFT now publishes “Project E” information and video in addition to “Throne and Liberty”. Since 2 works are common to the view of the world, please check this video.