How to Farm S-Chips in Tears Of Themis

S-CHIPS is one of the most important resources in Tears of Themis, since they can be converted to another currency with the same name (Tears of Themis), which can then be used for vision draw. In essence, they make up the system of the game of the game, allowing you to collect cards of four love hobbies. S-chips can also be used to replenish the AP and increasing the daily limit of the cleaning of anomalies.

However, get s-chips is difficult, especially if you have already passed most game modes. That’s all the ways to farm them.

Daily Check and Tasks

The permanent source of S-chips is daily checks in the game and Hoyolab, which will reward you s-chips on certain days. Keep in mind that these awards are based on your cumulative entrances to the system, and not on the specific days of the month.

Daily and weekly tasks will also give you S-CHIP as a reward for daily and weekly stages of activity. You should manual application These awards, so do not forget to do it before daily and weekly discharge!

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Basic history and anomaly

Each Stage X-Note Story will give you 40 s-chips at the first pass. The completion of the entire episode will bring you a one-time reward in the amount of 100 s-chips. You should manual application This is in the lower right corner of the episode page.

The end of the episode will open the appropriate stages of the anomalies. Each stage will give you 40 s-chips at the first pass, and the completion of each stage in Anomaly Episode will also give you 100 s-chips as a reward. It is also necessary aligned manually in the lower right corner of the episode of the anomaly.

Legal research

Each debate in the “Legal Research” section X-Note will bring you a reward in the amount of 40 s-chip for the first passage.

Temid tests

Access to the tests of themis can be obtained from the “Events” section X-NOTE. Here you can pass a series of stages in the style of research, which include one discussion and selection of mining awards or response to the question in the tests of Athens.

Each stage will provide you in any place from from 25 to 150 s-chips . The debates with bosses at the 25th stage of each region will bring you a double reward. You can pass each stage only once.

Test Temple

After completing the regions of 1-10, 1-25 and 2-25 in the tests of themis, you will unlock the temple of the test in light, ordinary and complex modes, respectively. In the test temple, 30 waves of debate and robberies are waiting for you, upon completion of which you will receive the following amounts of S-CHIPS:

  • Easy: 75 S-chips
  • Normal: 95 S-chips
  • Hard: 135 S-chips

This is weekly maximum limit S-chip which you can get with this tool. You will not get s-chips over the maximum limit. The test temple can be launched in automatic mode, so be sure to run it in the background several times a week:

  • cleaned 1-10: 240 S-chip cap
  • cleaned 1-25: 300 S-chip cap
  • cleaned 2-25: 350 S-chip cap
  • Cleared 3-25: Lid 400 s-chip

Card stories

SR and SSR cards are attached to stories that are opening as they increase their level. After reading these stories for the first time, you will receive S-chips and attachment to the main male role.

  • Wed: 10 s-chips and 500 attachments for acts from 1 to 5, 20 s-chips and 1000 attachments for 6 acts
  • SSR: 15 s-chips and 750 attachments for acts from 1 to 5, 25 s-chips and 1250 attachments for 6 acts

private messages

SR cards associated with the main history contain two personal messages instead of stories. It is a voiced content of the main heroes-men who speak with you. Listening to them for the first time will give you s-chips and affection.

  • first personal message: 20 s-chips and 1000 attachments
  • Second private message: 25 S-CHIPS and 1250 affections

Field work

You can get 50 s-chips for obtaining a reputation level 11 for each of the Fieldwork locations. You will also get 30 s-chips for the implementation of two simultaneous trials in two districts.


Go to the “Tasks” menu and click “ACHV” in the upper right corner to find tasks characteristic of the main characters and the main story. ** Card-related tasks will provide you with s-chip awards.


In the “tears of the benemis” almost always there is some event, and this is a great way to replenish the stocks of S-chips. Be sure to participate in them, as they act only for a limited time! But be careful because some events, such as special advice, encourage you to spend S-chips and do not reward you with refund.

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