Hogwarts Legacy: Will there be micropayments to wait? Answer the game cm

This Thursday, March 18, 2022, the State of Play took place that everyone was waiting for. For about twenty minutes, there was a progress of the game and additional information about developers to learn more about Legacy Hogwarts.

This was the opportunity to discover the personalization of your avatar, exploration of the Hogwarts Castle , the combat system, fantastic animals or even accommodation and processing of potions. In short, varied and graphic activities that frankly appeal: that yes, the fans will have to wait until the end of 2022 to play it. Also, keep in mind that the Harry Potter role game was announced for Nintendo Switch and that is by no means exclusive to PlayStation.

The crafting system in the room of the trees

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During the journey dedicated entirely to the Room of Menesters , we discovered that it will be possible to access a part of our fantastic animals but also that it will be necessary to plant different ingredients to obtain resources. Mandragoras and others will be necessary for the Preparation of potions. What has caught the attention is that we can see very clearly a time system as in most free mobile games. This worried players: Will there be microtransractions ** in the game to buy time enhancers or just cosmetics to dress our avatar?

No, there will be no microtransractions in Hogwarts Legacy

The Community Manager of the Game Community, Chandler Wood, spoke immediately after the revelation on this matter. Many news items rushed to indicate that Legacy Hogwarts would probably be full of microtransaccles after the introduction of the room of the menes, but that is not the case.

For about 60 or 70 euros (depending on the platform), Harry Potter’s role play will be complete from the beginning and you will not have to pay anything in the game, you will simply have to park the money of the game by completing secondary missions, resolving mysteries or finding chests in dungeons.

The information was also confirmed on the official website of the game. In the Frequently Asked Questions section, we clearly read that Hogwarts Legacy will not offer microtransractions, as it is a single player game without online multiplayer or local cooperative.

It remains to be seen now how we can really accelerate time in the game. Maybe simply with the money collected or special crystals? The same goes for the crowd of cosmetics presented in the trailer: Will you simply have to make you with the money to be able to buy tons of clothing for your wardrobe? In any case, it seems that it will be a long game.