Bless unleashed

“This vulgar” new work 3D dungeon RPG officially announced! “A blessing to this wonderful world! ~ Adventurer- “July 28, 2012 release decision

Entergram is 3D dungeon RPG for PLAYSTATION 4 / Nintendose switch “Bless this wonderful world! -An announced that we will release the curse’s art and the adventurer- “ on July 28, 2022.

The same work was developed with PS4 / PS VITA / Nintendose switch, and reproduction of the richness of the original character’s individuality, etc. “Blessing to this wonderful world! ~ A sequel to the desired labyrinth and the adventurer. In this work, after the story of the previous work, Kazuma and friends who looked at the plunge-sailed sail are new trials. It will be a blade to do various requests from Level 1 again.

This work is a full voice, and the main scenario is a full voice, and Daxes who do not hit Daxes and explosion magic strikes that will not be inhabitable, etc. On the other hand, in this work, new elements and new monsters such as “Kazuma change job change” and “strengthening equipment to collect materials” and new monsters will also appear.

“A blessing to this wonderful world! ~ The curse relics and the adventurer ~ “” ** “5,980 yen (excluding tax) on July 28, 2022, and the download version is scheduled to be released at 7,600 yen (tax). Nintendose switch download version booking is 6,810 yen (excluding tax), and both PS4 / Nintendose switches are also scheduled for full production limited edition of 12,980 yen (tax).