Sakura Studio: The Clease Japanese studio works on three games, including an action

Increasingly interesting actor taking into account its recent investments, including the acquisition of Grasshopper Manufacture and the training of Nagoshi Studio, Netease Games has also founded a Japanese studio in July 2020. Soon two later, some details S ‘ escape on the side of Sakura Studio.

By means of a press release and a passage at the inevitable Famitsu, Netease Games gave news from its Shibuya studio where three projects are already in preparation. The first is described as an action-RPG solo “_In that you can witness the growth of your characters as well as new gameplay elements as you progress in the game or in history”, can -On read. This title will stage “full of life” in “_qui have environments with depth and verticality”, we also defit.

The second is a cooperative action game based on a new license. “You will fight gigantic enemies while using stylish and pleasant actions to use. It is an extremely thrilling game in which you will have to work as a team to solve it. We develop new gaming systems to provide unprecedented cooperative experience. We are also working on tools related to enemies to put in place new combat experiences, “says one of the team members.

The last game is the one on which Sakura Studio strives the least, and for cause this fighting game relies on a known license. No question of giving too many clues, so. “It is a new combat game style based on a certain series whose fans are passionate. Stay tuned for more details“, we say.

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The studio illustrates its remarks with four illustrations, but without telling which projects they are supposed to match.