Konami restores the Silent Hill brand and also feeds reports about brand-new video games of the legend

It is a debate that opens every time a game of the publishing is news or comes a crucial event, so it is not shocking that it has started to guess with brand-new games of the legend when * Konami has renewed the trademark * At the License Workplace of Japan, as reported in the first circumstances from Reddit.

Virtual truth is stated This license revival includes others such as Gradius, Frogger, The Water Margin or Tokimeki Memorial, as well as took area on Tuesday, March 15. In enhancement to various other uses that do not involve video clip games, in Silent Hill “Video Game Software Application” as well as “Virtual Reality Devices” , which has been incredibly called the Area’s attention.

Kojima Productions Spotted Using Sony Mocap Studio As New Silent Hill Trademark Is Filed By Konami
Will we see Silent Hill in Virtual Reality? We have to make it clear that trademark restorations are something normal in the world of video clip games, however when they are done it is because it is generally intended to proceed exploiting it in the future, or a minimum of not abandon it deal with to the next years.

If there is a franchise business that the players are waiting for their return with desire, that is Silent Hill. The Fear Series of Konami has been fallow a very long time and also, although it seems that the Japanese business does not care in the least, the truth is that we have actually been rummatous and also voices of the sector months that point up for upcoming advertisements on the exact same.

As we state, reports concerning new titles connected to Saga Silent Hill are not something new, and we have seen discusses even in vital rewards. Presently there is no [B] no announcement by Konami [B], although fans currently imagine a remake of the original game, and there are even unofficial jobs that have been executed in Unreal Engine 5 with results as opposed to striking

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