Ukrainian referee monsoil whistles in Italy

Confused Referee blows the final whistle early (VERY FUNNY) ???? #shorts
The Ukrainian Kateryna Monsul will pipes the game Inter Milan against Sampdoria Genoa in the series A of women at the invitation of the Italian Football Association Fign on Sunday. The former World Referee led, among other things, the 2015 World Cup final. “The European football family has a great heart. Thanks to UEFA and President Alexander Cefer, we have organized our colleague Monsul into the Italian arbitrator team, so that they can continue to exert their job at a high level,” said Association Chief Gabriele Gravina. “We are proud to receive them. It is one of the most famous arbitrators in the world: a real role model. We are pleased to have them as a referee in our championships,” said Alfredo Turnalange, head of the Italian player union.