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Marvels Avengers reveals Avengers: Infinity War surprise for Spider players

VeEnzers of Marvel is getting more _weders: Infinite war, content, courtesy of a new SPIDER-MAN Suit. After distancing from the MCU before the launch, during the launch and for a couple of months later, the developer Crystal Dynamics has been flooding the players with several MCU masks through the game market, suggesting that these costumes are They sell at a much higher price than comics. Original suits and costumes. And this is not very surprising; MCU’s popular and recognizable costumes were always going to sell well. The surprising thing is the time it took Crystal Dynamics to realize this. That said, he has discovered this and has been taking advantage of this gold vein of microtransractions since then.

To this end, the official Twitter account of the game has transmitted that tomorrow, March 17, the SPIDER-MAN Suit in Trage of Avengers: Infinity War is adding to the game. If the suit looks familiar, it is not just because it is in wathers: infinite war but because it is also in The Marvel spiderman.

How much the outfit will cost when it is launch tomorrow, we do not know because the publication then does not say it, but presumably it will cost the same as the previous MCU masks. What we also know is that the mask will be limited to PS4 and PS5 players since the character is limited to these versions.

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