Elden Ring: Death sin! Mods bring difficulty levels into the game

There is probably a never-ending discussion as to whether to get games of from Software a lighter level of difficulty to make titles such as Elden Ring or Dark Souls accessible to a larger audience. At least on the PC, there is now a solution for this. Hobby developers have provided a mod for download that makes the game much easier .

Which changes brings the Easy-Mod?

If you want to unscrew the difficulty level of Elden Ring, you should look at the “Easy Mode” mod from OdashikonBu. Thus, the opposing damage is not only reduced by 50% , also your character also shares 25% more damage. In addition, the amount of runes that you receive from the enemies is increased to the tenfold . Quick rising is therefore no problem anymore. The mod can be found at Nexusmods.com.

May it be a bit harder?

Of course, a few days after the “Easy Mode” also a mod called “Prepare to the (Hard Mode)” published. Behind it is Hobby Developer Silent Vendor, which makes Elden Ring to a Bockswing Challenge for fans. The mod can also be downloaded free of charge from Nexusmods.

What makes the mod harder?

If you start a game in hard fashion, you will meet directly on opponents with the values ​​from the first New Game Plus . Your own remain unchanged. In addition, the Ki of the enemies was optimized. These see and listen much faster now. So it is not so easy to score past them. At the same time, players can only teleport themselves to churches and cathedrals. Thus, the paths are significantly further.

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Note, however, that your mods can only use in offline mode from ELDEN RING (Buy Now / 50.99 €). More Tips and Tricks You can also find the game on our theme page . Even before the launch of the new title of From Software, we have dealt with the question in a column if titles like Elden Ring actually have to be so hard.

From Dominik Zwingmann
15.03.2022 at 17:10