Test match instead of World Cup play

Poland will refuse to play World Cup play-offs with Russia in opposition to invasion of Ukraine

Scotland should play against Ukraine on the day, but the FIFA World Association had laid the game in June. Thus one was granted to a request of the Ukrainian Association, who had asked for a shift due to the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, which was announced by FIFA last week. Since Russia was also excluded from all competitions, also eliminates the play-off game against the Poles, which feed into the second play-off phase without play. Russia has appealed against the exclusion before the International Sports Court CAS. The play-offs start on March 24 (Thursday) when the interesting duels between Wales and Austria, Sweden and the Czech Republic, Italy and Nordmasedonia as well as Portugal and Turkey are pending. The only decisive comparisons of the nations onwards will then go on the stage on March 29 (Tuesday). Here then Poland and Scotland are also back with the game.