Pokemon Go: Mega-Schlapor as Raidboss – counter

Update from 15 March 2022: Since almost a year, Mega-Schlapor has been doppeled to the RAIDS of Pokémon Go again and for almost a year – especially of course for Easter. Also until March 22, 2022 you have the opportunity to fight against Mega-Schlapor and to get the mega energies needed to unlock the mega evolution. We have the current counter-guide for Mega Schlapor in Pokémon Go!

Best counter to Mega Schlapor

  • Crypto-Mewtu with confusion and psychos
  • Mewtu with confusion and psychos
  • Hoopa (unleashed) with confusion and psychokinese
  • Crypto Metagross with Zen’s head and psychokinese

The LUCKIEST SHINY Mega Raids in Pokémon GO!
* Crypto-lavados with wing lift and sky sweep
* Crypto Simsala with psychoblings and psychokinese
* Hoopa with confusion and psychokinese
* Crypto-Lugia with special sensor and aeroblast +
* Crypto-Ho-Oh with power reserve and dive
* Mega-dubeoss with wind shock and dive flight

  • Latios with Zen’s head and psychokinese
  • Crypto-Guardevoir with confusion and psychokinese
  • Lugia with special sensor and aeroblast ++
  • MeiStagrif with counter and wuchtschlag

Original message from 30 March 2021: What happens on April 4, 2021 in Pokémon Go? It was expected that the developers of Niantic with the Spring Event Mega-Schlapor introduces and was missing Only the official confirmation – which is now there. From Sunday, the 4th of April at 10:00 o’clock Mega-Schlapor can appear in the Raids and, of course, be combated there.

As usual, this works as follows: You can not develop Pokémon Mega-Develop if you have not sufficiently collected mega energies. Accordingly, you must also defeat Mega-Schlapor in this case only a few times with the help of other trainers before you can trigger the mega evolution in your collection.

Incidentally, help with the collection of mega energies, it also gets in the framework of the spring event 2021 in Pokémon Go, because about the active and time-limited collectors challenge you can also query mega energies. If that is not enough, then we have our counterattacks below.

Mega-Schlapor defeat as a Raidboss

Mega-Schlapor is different than the normal Schlapor assigned two types, namely normal and fight. After all, this can be exploited. Because pocket monsters of the type Normal have no strengths, but are weak against fighting Pokémon. Combat Pokémon, however, take more damage from flight, psycho- and fairy attacks. Your universal solution in the fight against Mega-Schlapor is called Mewtu. Apart from that, you can also use legendary flight birds but also to Meistagrif and Metagross. Some other Mega-Pokémon are also very good in the fight against Mega Schlapor.

The giant collar features mainly over attacks of types normal and psycho, accordingly, partial clouds and windy weather can be slightly more dangerous. That’s why you should pay attention to Mestagrif, Lucario or Machomei do not unpack when he is blowing strongly and the game indicates that too. Here are the meaningful counterattack against Mega Schlapor:

  • Mewtu with confusion and psychos
  • Mega-dubeoss with wind shock and dive flight
  • Latios with Zen’s head and psychokinese
  • MeiStagrif with counter and wuchtschlag
  • Lavados with wing lift and sky sweep
  • MetaGloss with Zen-Cottage and Psychokinesis
  • Mega-Glurak Y with aerial ride and Lohekanonade
  • Guardevoir with confusion and psychokinese
  • Mega-Gengar with low blow and psychokinese
  • Lucario with counter-and aurasphere
  • Machoming with counter and wuchtschlag
  • Rayquaza with aerial ride and aero-ass

Mega-Schlapor catch

As already known, after a victory, she does not catch Mega-Schlapor, but a normal schlapor. So have you successfully completed the fight against Mega-Schlapor, followed by the duty the freedom and you have the chance to banish the pocket monster in your Pokéball. Then Schlapor has a level 20 at 100% -IV values ​​over 1,177 CP. If Schlapor is baptized at partly cloudy or cloudy weather at level 25, it has over 1,471 CP with perfect 100% -IV values. We wish you much success in the hunt!

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