Here the cover for volume 19 of Jujutsu Kaisen

JUJUTSU KAISEN | Episode 19 | Season 1 | Tagalog Dubbed | Manong Reaction
Since its debut a couple of years ago, the anime of jujutsu kaisen has helped a lot to popularize this franchise. Sales of the manga are around the heavens at Japan , and each new chapter is enjoying a second-time success. Soon we will have a new volume of the manga, and the official networks of the series have given us our first look at its cover. In April, a new volume will be released into the sleeve of jujutsu kaisen , and to excite fans even more, the official account of Twitter showed us its cover that you can see below: At the moment, chapter 19 of the manga of jujutsu kaisen only has a premiere date in Japan, and considering that the fans in West just go in chapter 16, surely a good time will still be lacking for this New volume reaches our territories. Remember that chapter 178 of the manga has been delayed and here you can know when will be your new release date.