Endless illustration puzzle “Cat Museum” will be delivered on March 18. Together with mysterious cats, challenge the mystery of a fantastic and crazy museum

Taiwan’s Developer 751 Games announced on March 11, to deliver the mystery solving puzzle game “ Cat Museum ” on March 18th. Corresponding platforms are PC (STeam) and iOS / Android. This work corresponds to Japanese.

Cat Museum Full Game Adventure Puzzle Game Walkthrough

“Cat Museum” is a puzzle horror with an impressive illustration of a windy illustration. The stage is a strange museum that takes place in the place where the people is separated. The boy who took up the manager will be responsible for the reservoir for a certain reason. In the process of falling in a sedichin, a puzzle whose mystery and madness weave will be developed in front of a boy. Players will explore the secrets hidden in the museum while solving various puzzles. What kind of ending is waiting to overcome the unknown threat to prevent the boy’s going hand?

The appearance of the museum is a world like a nightmare that does not seem to be this world. Art with famous paintings appears in various places, and fantastic and partial production is impressive. On the other hand, various cats appeared everywhere in the puzzle. If there is a cat attacking a boy with a horrible model, there seems to be a boy’s side, and there is also a lovely cat that can be broken, and the cat will receive an impression that it is a more than a heart in this work. As a game design, the story will be promoted in the form of an interact directly in the artwork. Abstract art styles are also combined to make imagination to the view of the world swelling.

The production of this work is the Indie Belopper 751 Games in Taiwan (柒 遊 戲). Members consist of four young people layers, an average age of 20. The puzzle horror “Life Gallery”, which the team worked in the past was characterized by surrealismatic art design (related articles). The impression is also inherited in “Cat Museum” and is inherited by a virgin work. Also, as a motto of the team, it seems to have the word “keeping an exentric game”, seems to be able to expect fresh members to show off in the future.

“Cat Museum” will be released March 18 by PC (Steam) and iOS / Android. This work corresponds to Japanese. Also, “Life Gallery”, which is the previous work, is currently distributed in mobile. If you are interested in a unique art style, how is this match?