Overwatch 2, General Gamer Target PVP Test Start April

2019 The “Overwatch 2”, which was not released to the date of the first appearance after the first appearance in Blizzon, the “Overwatch 2”, which was not released, will go to the beta test on the end of April.

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Blizzard released its overwatch 2 private test schedules through 10th (local time), overwatch new news bulletin board. Blizzard employees, overwatch projecters, and other screeners are PVP beta tests that are going to be conducted on the general public through PVP-related privately – related PVP-related PVP-related PVP platforms on the 10th.

In the beta test period, the new attack hero ‘Bieline’ and Game Mode ‘Bran’, 5-to-5 Multiplayer, and four new battlefields are available, It seems possible. In addition, the ping system also predicted the fundamentals. It is expected that it will focus on minimizing inconvenience and supporting seamless gameplay.

Aaron Keller Overwatch Director has made Blizzard’s release strategy for why PVE content is not included in the test. The strategy is the direction of separating the PVP experience, separating the PVP experience, and the PVP is first released while continuing to be considered as Overwatch 2 main content.

In addition, we announced the production of overwatches, and decided to invest team resources to develop new work, but this said that the concentration of games that are currently served as the currently served games fell. He added that the game is gradually updated, and it was not to have a position to introduce the content periodically, and it will be the update cycle, including PVP content, starting with PVP content. He also said that it would help to adapt to professional gamers because it was said that the overwatch league scheduled for this year is a new work.

Finally, Keller Director said, ‘In the meantime, the description of the development of the development was neglected and the communication was not active, and it will continue to deliver the overwatch 2 relevant news. In addition, we expressed gratitude to the continued support and love of gamers.

Overwatch 2 PVP beta test schedule for plain players can be changed, and test participation can be made through official homepage.