Athletics World Association excludes Russian athletes

World Association President Sebastian Coe made this way again on Thursday. The Council of the Athletics World Association World Athletics is unanimous in this opinion, emphasized the Brite after a session of the committee.

While the Russian association has been suspended after several doping scandals since 2015, individual athletes and athletes have been able to strive for a starting permit in recent years. They too are affected by the applicable exclusion. COE established this that, on the one hand, Ukrainian athletes could no longer compete because of the war, while on the other hand, athletes from Russia and Belarus would be there. Their exclusion has nothing to do with the question of whether they could be something for the war.


On the reintegration of the Russian association should be worked on

Also, the association of Belarus, which supports the Russian attack on Ukraine, has been proven with sanctions and may no longer align international competitions for the time being for the time being. Athletes, supervisors and officials from Russia and Belarus were excluded from all upcoming events of athletics world series on 1 March. These include, among other things, the hall World Cup in a good week in Belgrade and the outdoor world championships in the American Eugene mid-July.

The work of the Task Force and experts to reintegrate the Russian association should not be terminated for the time being. There is a corresponding recommendation, said Rune Andersen, the head of Task Force, with a view to progress in Russia’s bandage. However, there can also be consequences for the Russian attack. The Russian association is not ready for a resumption, underlined Andersen.