The Falconeeer: Bulwark: New Standalone Game in The Falconeeer

The Falconeeer: Bulwark is the latest project by Tomas Sala. Designed in this independent game, develops and defends your bulwark in a mixture of construction, management and RTS game.

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Tomas Sala announced: “Bulwark is the new game I develop. His core functions will be design-develop-defend. It combines building management and RTS elements to a unique view of the Ursee and the Saga of the Falconeeer. “

“The development will take at least another year, so this is all early developing material, but you can not call it, the prototype. Falconeeer: Bulwark is a new independent title of Tomas Sala (Yey). “

Tomas wants to present a demo to The Falconeeer: Bulwark at the GDC 2022 and also announced that Benedict Nichols will be responsible for the music again, which has already been involved at The Falconeeer.

A short video to The Falconeeer: Bulwark can be seen here: