SF combat race “Phaseshift” started early access developed by aggressive offense

Indie Leveloper Bubblehead Studios has launched early access for the race action “ Phaseshift “. The first March 3 was scheduled, but it is a start of late 5 days.

This game is a single play work that is considered affected by the combat race game from 1990 to 2000. We are planning to respond to local online multiplays by formalization.

# Early access started content

At the beginning of the early access starting early to two years from half a year,

  • 12 courses including five reverse

  • Unlocked and more than 16 types of available Weapons and Abilities

  • Four types of game modes of “RACE” “Team Race” “Elimination” “Time Trial”

  • Full Customizable 3 bikes

  • 17 pilots that can be selected as teammates

  • Nine AI teams as opponents

  • 25 STEAM results

Is prepared.

# Content to be added in the future

  • Online Multiplayer

  • Screen division (local) multiplayer


  • Additional addition of bike and customization

  • Single play campaign to manage teams and races like “F1”

  • Add environment and course

  • Add Ability and Weapon

These are planned for development and implementation by formalization.

This official Discord allows you to view changes such as development load maps and game updates, and also accept feedback such as opinions and suggestions.

“PhaseShift”, which is also transmitted to continue adding content after formalization, at STeam for PC, early access version is usually 1,320 yen, 10% off until March 16 During delivery.