The new Hogwarts Legacy trailer would launch this week

Hogwarts Legacy Trailer This WEEK or This MONTH | RUMOR
After his delay last year, it seems that this 2022 will finally mark the launch of _ Hogwarts Legacy, _ game that the fans of Harry Potter have a good time waiting for. We still do not know when it will premiere exactly, but that could change this week with the arrival of a new trailer.

According to multiple and reliable insiders, there are plans that a new video advancement of Hogwarts Legacy is released this week, and according to them, it will be next Thursday 10 March When finally let’s see.

Even though there are multiple people indicating the same, the ideal is to take all this information with reservation until some official source can confirm it. However, if Hogwarts Legacy If you are going out this year (as promised by the CEO of Warner ), then it would not be such a bad idea that your new trailer this week reveals its release date.

Editor’s note: If I had to bet, I would say that Hogwarts Legacy will be throwing up until the end of this year, but I still worry about the delayed issue a bit. Although it was already delayed once, there is always the possibility that it will happen again.