Bell hopes for a Mainz spectacle

“Our goal is to deliver a similar spectacle as Against Leverkusen that it will be brave, entertaining and offensive again. Dortmund also defines itself over the offensive. In the defensive they had in some playing one or the other problem. The BVB has a lot Good single player. Let’s see if our assault colleague is going… “, Bell said on Wednesday. What is meant is Erling Haaland, who is not in team training because of a stubborn muscle injury and is not the debate to Stressed Bell information for the game on Sunday (15.30, live! At Stressed Bell).

“The support of the audience helps”

For the first time, the new Corona Regulation, which now allocates 25,000 spectators. “It’s a big difference if we have the backing at home again. We all have forgotten because of the ghost games a bit of how much it can make to play in front of your own audience. If you look at the statistics, how far in the story games The home advantage was lost, then you can see the influence, “Stressed Bell.

Handbell Performance at Open House 2018

How much a crowd can push the team, Mainz has experienced the 1: 3 at Union Berlin last weekend. Especially when the home team has a playing way, which lives on the intensity and the two fights, “helps the support of the audience of course”. In the stadium on the ancient Försterei already the approximately 10,000 permitted fans made a strong noticeable. “Berlin unique and special, on three sides there are standing places and the stadium has a certain history, which already has an influence,” Bell said. At home, where the 05s are a power anyway, they now want to wear away from the spectators to the next home win.