World of tanks

“World of Tanks” former developer requests a warning display of Ukraine status-“Russian young people are baked as leisurely in a real tank as an invader”

The former developer Vitaliy T., who is involved in the development of the online battle game “ WORLD OF TANKS ” (WOT. Request the developer Wargaming to convey the war support.

Wargaming has a headquartered in Cyprus (Bellarus), and has studios such as Kiev of Ukraine, Kyiv, Russian Moscow and St. Petersburg. Bellarus’s current government cooperates with Ukrainian military invitation of Russia, and Vitaliy is complained with the influence of “WOT” that is a popular title “WOT”, and it may be “might be able to become a game changer” Is.

He also adds the following message to the LinkedIn page with a picture of the tank that is no longer moved at the street corner of Ukraine.

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“Dear Dear #wargaming. The people of Ukraine are dead and thousands of people are sitting at the shelter. Your employees, former employees, their children and their children and friends are dangerous increase”

“Playing” (“WOT”) The 20’s Russian young people are baked as lively in a real tank as an invader. It is not glory but shy. In the 21st century There is no real tank war or a place of aviation. Tanks and fighters must remain in the game. “

“The photo is a genuine tank in Ukrainian street corner instead of 3D tanks, and the boys in this will not be able to press the” Let’s Battle “button.

The same request as Vitaliy is also conducted by Ukrainian developers and government officials, and Mihairov, Vice Prime Minister Ukraine, Mr. Mihairov, “All Russian and Belarus Accounts for a major game company and platform holder You are asking for a block of “blocks” and all international e-sport events.

In addition, the “World of Tanks” Japan official account also sends comments on the current situation on Twitter.