Crystal cave on the lake in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Crystal Cave on the lake can be found in the second large region, which will most likely explore players, Liurni . The cave itself can be easily found, quickly traveling (or finding) Place of grace on the shore of Liurnia Laurney . On the site, players must travel to the north along the Western Rock until they find the entrance to the cave.

Where To Find Latenna In West Of The Laskyar Ruins Elden Ring Lakeside Crystal Cave Location
The entrance to the cave can be quite difficult to detect, but the path leading there is not so complicated. From the image of the map, it may seem below that the cave is located on the plateau above the Liurnural Lake, but the input itself is at the bottom. This means that players must avoid any ascending flows that can carry them on a large height when traveling to the cave.

What is inside the crystal cave on the shore of the lake?

When players travel in a crystal cave on the shore of the lake, they find a few things, but the most noteworthy is NPC by name Latenna . Flying is the quest NPC, which can only be found after passing the dungeon of Lakeside Crystal Cave.

Speaking with this NPC, she will suggest joining the player, becoming a spiritual ash by name Latenna Albounnik .

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