Fans want The Legend of Zelda to be adapted to the cinema

There was a time where video-game-based films were a total failure at the box office, but that recently changed with the adaptations of Resident Evil, Sonic and Pokémon. Uncharted has been the most recent videogame franchise in Receiving your own feature film, and despite your mixed grades, the tape has been successful enough at the box office to guarantee a sequel.

Nintendo , obviously, you are already preparing to take your most important IPS to the big screen with the movie of Super Mario this year, but what is next for the Japanese company? We still do not know, but if something wants the fans, it is a movie based on The Legend of Zelda. Or at least that tell us the results of a recent survey.

According to a survey published by FANDOMSPOT , about 2 thousand players voted for The Legend of Zelda as the main video game franchise they want to see adapted on the big screen. Here the full results:

_1. The Legend of Zelda _

two. Grand Theft Auto

_3. Horizon: Zero Dawn _

4. God of War _

Legend of Zelda is the Most Wanted Video Game to Movie Adaptation for 2022

_5. Hollow Knight _

_ 6. Animal Crossing _

_ 7. Final Fantasy _

_ 8. Fallout _

_ 9. Super Mario_

_ 10. Red Dead Redemption _

There are definitely several important names within the results, and interestingly, some of them already have some kind of production for TV or cinema, such as Fallout, Super Mario and possibly God of War.

Editor’s note: I think it would be a bit difficult to adapt The Legend of Zelda to the cinema, but we have seen things much more crazy lately. Of course, the ideal thing would be that Hollywood’s great studies will stop making video game films, but due to the success they have had, it sounds like something complicated to happen.