Walijewa thanks controversial trainer Tutberidse

Standing under doping suspected Russian figure skater Kamila Walijewa has thanked its controversial trainer Eteri Tutberidse in pathetic words after her dramatic Olympic Küsberidse.

“You are absolute master in your business,” wrote the 15-year-old at Instagram to a photo that she shows with Tutberidse and two other Russian caregivers.

Kamila Valieva’s coach, Eteri Tutberidze, chides skater after brutal 2022 Olympics finish
“Not only do you train, but also teach us to overcome ourselves, which does not only help ourselves in sports, but also in life,” says Walijewa: “With them on my side, I feel safe and able to test every exam to insist. Thank you for being strong to me. “

In another post, Walijewa thanked each other at all, “those in this difficult time were on my side. They stood to me and did not let me lose the courage that sent me supporting messages that just thought of me, the prayed, the believed in me. ” Thank you “My fans, my family and friends, my coaches, the entire Roc team, the country and the people around the world. I will always remember to be grateful and skating for you.”

Walijewa was allowed to attend the Olympic Single Decision due to doping couplings. The European champion, after the short program on rank one, did not stop in the freestyle and fell back in fourth place

Bach: “That was terrifying”

Tutberidse (47) was fetched as “ice hex”. The trainer known for her drill indicated a hug her student at best, did not find a word of consolation, but she prevailed: “Why did you give it out of your hands? Tell me!”

President Thomas Bach in the International Olympic Committee was shaken: “When I’ve seen Kamila Walijewa was received by her entourage, it seemed so cold.” That was terrifying. “

In a doping sample Walijewas of 25 December, the forbidden metabolism modulator was discovered trimetacid. The sample was evaluated but only on February 8 – one day after the victory of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) around Walijewa in team competition. The medals in this competition were not awarded because of the unexplained case in Beijing.

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