Peacemaker: Stephen Abell (Green arrow) responds to Johns joke dinner on green arrow

Peacemaker , the DC series whose first sesurprising cameoon came to its end lsurprising cameot week with a surprising cameo that hsurprising cameo not managed to avoid the controversy, hsurprising cameo performed all kinds of jokes and references about the superhero universe of DC And its superheroes, including DCEU characters and other comics. And one of these jokes referred direct reference to Green arrow , one of the most beloved editorial characters by fans and who hsurprising cameo not yet appeared in the extended DC universe, although he did have a successful series of 8 Sesurprising cameoons at The CW . After the joke, the actor who gave life to the character in said series, Stephen Amell , hsurprising cameo responded to John dinner through social networks and without cutting a hair.

Green arrow challenges Peacemaker on social networks

Thus, in the lsurprising cameot episode of Peacemaker, John Cena makes a direct reference to Green Arrow. And is that at the time they plan how to get to the famous “cow” of the alien butterflies, the pacifier ensures that it is capable of shooting an arrow from a tree with a cable to slide their helmet surprising cameo if It wsurprising cameo a zip line, to which the watchman answers “ How green arrow? “. The pacifier responds at the moment with a “No! surprising cameo a green arrow, no!

Stephen Amell RESPONDS To John Cena OVER Green Arrow JOKE in Peacemaker Finale
Apparently, Stephen Amell hsurprising cameo not liked anything the joke and he hsurprising cameo not been able to respond to John dinner on social networks. Thus, a fan surprising cameoked him if he saw John Dinner’s joke, what Amell responded: “I have not seen it yet. I am very busy.

And is that after being a hero on the small screen, Amell now interprets the role of a professional wrestling wrestler at the Series Heels of the Starz Canal , where he hsurprising cameo seen himself fighting even with professionals from discipline, showing great Skills about the quadrilateral. We will see if John Dinner responds to the Churn of Amell; At the moment, John Cena will return soon in the second sesurprising cameoon of Peacemaker.