Battlefield 2042 breaks a negative

Battlefield 2042 seems to be in a real downward spiral – that is reflected in the current player numbers. These have now reached a new low point, which shows how bad it stands for the game.

Battlefield 2042: Less than 2,000 Steam players

Battlefield 2042 seems to tighten in the propellant sand. The more developers try to turn the disaster, the more the game sinks in insignificance. Now the shooter has reached another negative record on Steam, which impressively demonstrates how many players Battlefield 2042 have already swept the back.

According to SteamDB statistics, is the number of simultaneous players in recent days actually slipped under 2,000 – an alarm signal for the developers (Source: SteamDB). Although at Origin, the Xbox and the PlayStation a total of even more players are likely to frolate, but also here the number of players will continue to decrease.

Incidentally, this is not the first negative record that sets the Battlefield 2042. The shooter belonged shortly after the release to the steam games with the worst reviews of all time.

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Here is why EA thinks Battlefield 2042 failed...

How can Battlefield 2042 be saved?

Although the numbers speak a clear language, EA does not seem to want to lay down the shooter to the files **. Recently, EA Chief Andrew Wilson mentioned in a quarterly report that Battlefield 2042 will not give up.

For many players, however, the level seems finally full. They join in the context of a petition to move EA to give you a return policy for Battlefield 2042 **. Whether this undertaking will have success, however, remains to be seen.

And how do EAS plans out? According to an insider, you can consider all the possibilities to ruse the rudder again. The changeover to a free-to-play model seems to be in the room (source: giga.de).