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World of Warcraft Guild Gay members forced to change your name

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A few days ago, a World of Warcraft Classic guild received an unexpected message from Blizzard Customer Service. The guild name of the guild called Gay Boys has been modified by Blizzard in Guild Zfxpk and its members received e-mails saying that “your comrades players reported your name in the game as inappropriate several times.” The guild leader’s account has also been suspended. This World of Warcraft guild, and many others see a homophobic attack against their community. This also occurs after an incident of 2016 where a guild called Gay Boys has also experienced a similar name change, which has been reversed.

One of Gay Boys members spoke about these complaints. Amhil Jilani writes: “If you consult my discussion diary, you would see several messages of people with my recruitment process that would bring us where today we are, with” fuck gays, reported “among Other comments extremely hateful and discriminating…. they are the individuals who find our name inappropriate. To give in to their requests simply means that you associate with them as a company, which, after a decade of games, is a surprise for me. “

Jilani also wrote: “say that the words gay or boys are inappropriate, is in itself inappropriate, childish and discriminatory. The people who found the name inappropriate should be those who look at the mirror because we are in 2019 and we have the right to exist as a community. The change of name of gay boys and the suspension of the manager have been removed. Since then, the situation has been reversed, but it is quite alarming that this happens, especially after a “in-depth investigation”, as indicated by the original email of the Blizzard Customer Service. This is also happening in the middle of Blizzard / Hong Kong controversy.

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