Fan information to the away game in Essen

On Sunday afternoon, the Eaglegärgen to the top game at the leaders’ leaders to eat food. 10,000 spectators – including 800 fans of the SC Prussia – will experience the explosive duel in the stadium on the harbor road. The game is already sold out according to corona-conditioned restrictions. The following fan information should contribute to a smooth flow and hopefully peaceful football festival.

Essen Spiel 2021- First Impressions

The game is classified as a high-risk game due to the growing rivalry and events in the first leg. Therefore, we appeal to all Münster fans to behave prudently and to keep the specifications of the organizer and the security forces. The stadium is open 90 minutes before the kick-off, so at 12:30. The guest fans are on the game day in block G3 on the “Gottschalk Tribune”. On the stadium grounds, the 2G plus rule and a permanent mask obligation apply.

Mask obligation in rail transport

Since numerous fans will arrive by train, the Federal Police explicitly points out that a permanent mask obligation applies in the trains of Deutsche Bahn. These are control trains in which it is particularly important to protect yourself and other fellow travelers. We ask all Prussia fans to stick to these specifications. For guest fans who want to arrive by train, the control connection between the Central Station Münster and the main train station Essen for the arrival and departure. At the center of Essen, shuttle buses of the Ruhrbahn are ready. From there, guests drove directly to the stadium at the Hafenstraße.

The journey to the stadium on the Hafenstraße with the car should be done via the Federal Highway A 42 and then be left at exit no. 12 “Bottrop-Süd”. After the exit you drive about 3 km on the Essener Straße (L 631) towards Essen-Borbeck and then turn left into the street “Sulterkamp”. From there, the “Lüschershofstraße” departs, where there are enough parking spaces near the entrance to the guest block. For buses there is a parking lot directly at the guest entrance. The guest entrance is located on the street “Sulterkamp”.
For the way back, the Sulterkamp in FR Bottroper Straße is blocked. Therefore, you have to drive from the Sulterkamp into the EmscherbruchAllee and then pass through them throughout. At the roundabout then take the third exit on the Econova Allee. At the intersection Econova-Allee / Bottroper Road turn right onto Bottroper Straße in the direction of Bottrop. After about 2 km it goes on the BAB A 42.

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