Jujutsu Kaisen went crazy with his Viral Crossover of Pokemon

You may not believe it from outside, but Gojo de jujutsu kaisen has one thing for the eccentric. He may seem like an unconditional soldier, but the fanatics who have seen the series know that the sorcerer loves the ostentatious things. That is why fans know that GOJO would agree. Jujutsu Kaisen The new viral statue of ‘s, as it brings it to pokémon and the unmistakable mascot of it.


Yes, you read well. It may sound like a fantasy, but pokémon and jujutsu kaisen have come together in the most unexpected way. The team of JMS Studios has created a resin statue that brings together Pikachu and Gojo Satoru in a single body.

As you can see here, a fan in Reddit finally got the statue of him after they placed an order last autumn. The figure itself is pretty perfect since Pikachu is putting the perfect cosplay with Gojo. From his white hair to his bandage in his eyes and his pose, even Gojo would be impressed by how well Pikachu imitates the sorcerer. And with 17 inches high, there is a ton of packaged details in the jujutsu kaisen transverse.

This cross statue has become viral now that fanatics receive them by mail, but, unfortunately, they are officially exhausted. Both the red and blue variant are outside the market, but there is still hope for jujutsu kaisen amateur. JMS Studios is launching a Statue of Pokemon X Ryomen Sukuna who imagils Ash’s partner again as a bloody curse.

You can find the figure here. If you are interested in buying this wild Pikachu statue. The figure will cost around $ 100 USD before the shipment is taken into account, and the shipping date is expected at some time of June. This new figure will be the second of the three that JMS Studios is producing for this line. The third has not yet been revealed, but it is expected to combine Pikachu with Yuji Itadori.

What do you think of this new Crossover collection? Will you be trapping any of these? Jujutsu kaisen x pokémon pieces? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @meganpeterscb.