Letters, web board games one month settlement limit 500,000 won → Review 700,000 won

The government is promoting web board game regulation relaxation. The web board game is limiting the amount that the user can use in a month, once a month, which is a review of which a month’s payment limit rule is raised to W500,000 to 700,000 won.

The Ministry of Culture, Physical Education, the Ministry of Culture, a law on the Enforcement Decree of the Enforcement Decree of the Game Industry, which contained the previous 17th, Web board game regulation is a sun-type regulatory to review the validity every two years from March 15, 2016. The current standard is 500,000 won for a month, 50,000 won on a single, and the annual payment limit was added to the game in April 20, 20, which is added to the game.

If a monthly payment limit is increased to 700,000 won as a legislation, the amount per sheet is 70,000 won. According to the enforcement rules, the amount per limbling is to be provided to be exceeded a 10-minute set of bills, so that if a monthly payment is 700,000 won, a single sheet is 700,000 won.

In addition to this, we will not be able to choose a specific opponent when enjoying the game, “Establishing ‘to” establish “more clearly to the change in the” Modified to ‘establishment and compliance’ and the game company should have to protect the anti-game prevention method that the game is provided through consultation.

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Finally, modifications to reflect the related content on the Enforcement Decree on the “abolished forced shutdown” in January 1, last January. Delete the abolished forced shutdown related contents and reflect the selective shutdown exemption object to the current game method.

Some amendments to the Article 4 of the game law that were described above are scheduled to conduct opinions from April 4 to April 4, and will be enforced.