Grand Theft Auto V: 3x

The Vespucci job, Open Wheel races and time races offer this week’s high-speed pleasure and whopping bonuses in GTA online – guaranteed lead-free. In addition, you can upgrade your vehicles from The Contract with iMani Tech, and at times very favorable terms.

Furthermore, you will get the Weeny Issi for free this week at Southern San Andreas Super cars by simply watching their website.

The contents of the week:

  • Triple GTA $ & RP in the vespucci job and all open-wheel races
  • Free vehicle : Get the Weeny Issi for free via the website of Southern San Andreas Super cars
  • Double GTA $ & RP in zeittrenne
  • 50% more GTA $ & RP for vet vehicle trade missions
  • Double salaries For leibwächter and Member worker, also CEOS or MC-PRESIDENTS can find these rare items for completing a _ competition_, the mammoth t-shirt, a Verged black sunglasses and the Street crimes-logo-T- T Shirt
  • The main price of the week on the lucky wheel is the ocelot penetrator
  • Discounts on IMANI-TECH : 25% on fern control units and lenkraketen-spelling transmitter, which can attach to selected vehicles the Contract, including: ENUS DEITY (40% discount), enus jubilee (30% discount), mammoth Patriot MIL-SPEC (30% discount), BUFFALO STX, DEWBAUCHEE Baller ST and the Dew bauche Champion
  • Real estate discounts : 30% on the agentur workshop and on all Warehousing houses
  • Additional vehicle discounts : 30% on the WeenY ISSI Classic, _ The _WeenY ISSI Sport, _ the _truffade nero and the Pogen Itali GTB, _ 25% on the _annis Elegy Retro Custom, _ The _Progen Itali GTB Custom, _ The _pegassi FCR 1000 Custom, _ The _truffade Nero Custom and 20% on the enefactor BR8 and the progen PR4
  • The price vehicle in the Car Meet : If you come under the top 3 in a _ tracking race_ for five days in a row, wins a truffade nero
  • Test Vehicles : DewAufchee Specter, _ _truffade Nero and Weeny ISSI Sport – Available in the LS Car Meet

  • Prime Gaming Bonuses : 100,000 GTA $ bonus for those who play this week

Free Car... 3x Money, Lots of Discounts and More! | GTA Online Weekly Event Week!

All the details of the contents of the week can be found on the Rockstar Newswire.