Fallout 76

Fallout 76: Fast Night Weeks, Bonus

In the Postaapokalyptic World of Fallout 76 is a lot going on outside the safe walls.

Currently, the Fast Night Event takes place in Appalachia, bonus challenges and season rewards have started and a new developer video has been published.

attacker from the All-Developer video

The Aliens are on the way to Appalachia to extract our brainwaves! The first (and last) line of defense is the developer recommends all waders that they are ready for the extraterrestrial raid by taking a look at the attacker from the All-Developer video.

Senior Quest Designer Ellys Tan and Fallout Worlds boss Bo Buchanan tell the video all sorts of worth knowing about the extraterrestrial opponents as well as the new content, events and rewards.

Fallout 76 FASNACHT AFK + GLITCH! | Easy Plans from Event! FAST JUNK! All NEW Rewards In Game! Look!

The attacker from the All-Update for Fallout 76, which PC players can already test on the PTS for the purpose of feedback, appears on the 1st of March.

Bonus Challenges and Season Rewards

At the beginning of this week, a new round of bonus challenges was started. However, one had to be removed due to a problem because they prevented progress.

To compensate for this, two more weekly bonus challenges will be included in the next week. In this way, you do not miss any s.c.o.r.e. And as a thank you for your patience even earn something.

The weekly bonus challenges will be available from February 22 to the beginning of maintenance on March 1st. With the beginning of the maintenance work for the attacker from the All-Update on 01 March, season 7 in Fallout 76 will find your end.

Fast Night Event

Do you already have enough of carnival? Whether you’ve missed the relocation so far for reasons of time or whether you already make your most thousandth jumper to Helvetia – the Carnival festivities continue until the 22nd of February, 18:00.

At this time, the Mega Faller is finally a breath breath and the Protektrons will turn to their usual activities. So that you can travel to Helvetia this weekend to Helvetia to throw more wood into the fire, to take care of beeswax resorts and to collect as many carnival masks as you can.