TFT Set 6.5: Star Snipers Composition Guide

It is already time to relearn with neon on the night, the 6.5 set of TeamFight Tactics. The mid-set extension for gadgets in madness that brings a lot of mechanics, and a horde of champions that must be controlled. You feel lost in front of this task? Do not panic, we have prepared guides for you to easily take charge of the compos. And here is the composition Snipers stars for the TFT set 6.5. What are the champions to recover in priority? What objects covet with carousel? Who are your carrys? All the info you need to play the Compo well in the lines that follow.

Then update: 16/02/2022, patch 12.04

TFT SET 6.5 Star Snipent Composition Information

Positioning Champions on the tray


When to go on the star Snipers composition?

First of all, you want the star box to be well placed for Jhin, so online back, and ideally in a corner. After, you are looking for objects for said Jhin.



Snipers inflict bonus damage for each hexagon between them and their target.
_ (2) _ 8 _% damage by hexagon
(4) 16% damage by hexagon

(6) 30% damage by hexagone_


The justickers stop enemies at the beginning of the fight, which excludes them for 5 seconds or until it lost 40% of its PV.
_ (2) Stop the enemy with the most PV
(4) Stop the enemy who inflicted the most damage during his previous fight_


All routes have an increased attack speed and earn the speed of attack for each hextech optimization you have.
_ (2) 10% Attack speed, + 5% by increase
(4) 35% Attack speed, + 10% by increase
(6) 70% attack speed, + 15% per increase_


Care and shields of the enchanters are stronger, and all allies are gaining magical resistance.
_ (2) 25% Bonus at Care and Shield, 20 Magic Resistance
(3) 40% Bonus at Care and Shield, 35 Magic Resistance
(4) 60% care bonus and shield, 50 magical resistance
(5) 100% care bonus and shield, 75 magic resistance_



The stars point to the spotlight on a point of the battlefield. The unit that stands under the lights of the projectors at the beginning of the fight gains unique bonuses.
_ (1) 15% Additional damage
(2) 3 Mana per second
(3) 30% omnivampirism_
_ (5) All bonuses are doubled_

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Priority Objects

How to play the composition?

• We stay here in a classic recipe. A huge frontline, with a hyper carry behind Jhin . Then, we box the most synergies possible history to surround it.

• This makes the composition extremely flexible. Jayce can replace VI , Galio can go out for the benefit of two landing units if you are too exceeded.

• Another option consists of tipping on the SNIPERS side by inserting Zeri and Miss Fortune . In this case, forget the star axis, and focus on adding meat on the front line to protect you.

• This compo is effective enough to be a mercenary output. After you have enough money for all units rank 4, and you will already have a basis of snipers around which to work.